Shapeheart – Magnetisk sportsambånd – Medium

  • Arms: Unisex – Slim and normal arms from 20 to 38 cm
  • smartphone : 3 pocket sizes compatible with all brands of smartphones without removing its protective shell
  • Perfectly touchscreen sleeve
  • Wide headband: armband does not slip or cut off blood circulation
  • Central opening for USB port / headphones
  • Protects your smartphone from rain
  • Sleeve now compatible with 2-wheels products

The Shapeheart armband is the only armband that allows you to access your smartphone with ease (GPS, music, apps) thanks to a detachable magnetic sleeve.

Does it hold?

This is the first question we are usually asked: but does it really hold? As you can imagine, with the price of smartphones, we have made sure that the magnets are strong! Once you hear the distinctive clap, there is no risk of falling.

  • The magnetic system supports up to 30 times the weight of your smartphone
  • Patented magnetic system
  • Harmless for the smartphone. the magnets are located between two iron plates that cut the magnetic field at the smartphone




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