Brake Authority – Discpad – Road – Shimano Saint 2009/2010 mf.

Saint 2009/2010/Zee(MT820/MT640/MT520), TRP slate T4

Leisure rides, xc, am and enduro
• High performance sintered pads
• Remarkably long-lasting
• Non aggressive for the rotor
• Easy to control for progressive braking power
• Ready to brake




High end bike brake accessories, Brake Authority always wants to push further the matter of the environmental respect and performance. We make every effort to reduce the C02 impact of our brake pads. We are also, the first brand to undertake a large program of embedded tests to certify the evolution of our brake pads on the field in order to guarantee the performance and the durability of our products.

  • Burly: Sport use for cross-country, all mountain and enduro
  • Agressive: Intensive use for enduro, freeride and donwhill
  • Agressive Ceramic: Race optimised for enduro, freeride and donwhill
  • Electric: E-MTB Use for E-MTB
  • Road: Road use for road, cx and gravel bike

Compatibility list here


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