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The GETAWAY tread is designed to take you beyond where the pavement ends and the terrain is less maintained. It includes a tightly packed center for straight line control and speed, open transition knobs for sandy and wet terrain, and aggressive shoulder knobs for controlled cornering and stability in loose conditions.
Recently, the guys from Bicycle Rolling Resistance tested the performance of the getaway by measuring its rolling resistance and making a direct comparison with other tire brands in the market. These tests are done with a special machine which uses a drum that replicates an average road terrain. The machine measures how much power is needed to keep the tire rolling over the drum at a specified speed for a certain amount of time; This process is done by taking into consideration different air pressures and then
subtracting the average to get more accurate results. Click here to know more about how the rolling resistance machine works.
The Getaway lived up to its expectations achieving outstanding results in every phase of the test, including not only rolling resistance, but also puncture resistance, proving once again Challenge tire’s premise of delivering performance, durability and comfort in the same package. This led to a phenomenal score of 5/5 making this a highly recommended gravel tire.

Just like the Challenge Strada Bianca Pro HTLR, the Getaway Pro HTLR is a topperforming tire in our tests. Compared to the near-slick Strada Bianca Pro HTLR, rolling resistance comes in a bit higher at the higher air pressures but comes close at the lowest air pressure. In return for those few watts of rolling resistance, you get a much more versatile tread pattern that should suit a large range of conditions”
-Bicycle Rolling Resistance

Click here to see the complete review.

But what exactly makes the GETAWAY such a great performing Gravel tire? Here the details:

CORAZZA ARMOR: The GETAWAY was Challenge’s first tire to include a full double layer 260TPI polyester casing that delivers maximum sidewall protection while the tread stays more supple. This combination boosts stability, increases sidewall durability, and retains our supple, comfortable ride. A bead-to-bead inner latex-based coating further improves puncture protection while greatly reducing air pressure dissipation.

GANZO PPS – Puncture Protection System: GANZO PPS is a tighter weave, multi-component puncture protection fabric placed between the tread and the casing. This new PPS structure is lighter, more puncture resistant, and retains Challenge’s supple ride.

SMART PLUS COMPOUND: A special natural rubber compound with slightly higher durometer to enhance durability, improve control and reduce rolling resistance on almost any type of gravel terrain.

CHAFER ARAMID BEAD PROTECTION STRIP: The GETAWAY includes a bead protection strip to enhance longevity by reducing the effects of chafing or rubbing at the carbon bead hooks. The contrasting black chafer is a precise line to confirm a uniform bead seating on the rim.

CONSTRUCTION: Handmade construction provides the ultimate in traction and ride quality. The GETAWAY is available in Tubeless Tubular, Tubeless Ready and Clincher. In terms of size you will be able to choose between 36mm and 40mm. Moreover, Challenge Handmade TLR tires sized above 33mm can be mounted on ISO/ETRTO compliant hookless clincher rims.

Please note!

Handmade TLR are best combined with an appropriately conceived sealant, such as the Challenge’s SMART Tubeless Sealant, which protects the natural properties of its rubber for a longer lasting performing tire, while further enhancing air retention and puncture protection.

March 18th 2022


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