Lizardskins – Charger Evo Lock-On – Blaze Orange

The Charger Evo is our most technical grip ever produced.

  • Weight: 90 grams
  • Length: 136 mm
  • Diameter: Medium (32 mm)

LIZARD SKINS handles Charger EVO Lock On | 136mm / 31mm

With their unique design, the Charger Grips are among the most popular Lizard Skins handles.
The finely structured surface offers a very high level of comfort and effectively dampens shocks from the surface. Thanks to the robust material, the charger handles are extremely resistant, despite the filigree structure. The patented lock-on design effectively prevents the handles from twisting.

Technical specifications:

Handle material: rubber
Clamping ring material: aluminum
Length: 136 mm
Outside diameter: 31 mm
Handlebar diameter: 22.2 mm (standard)
Clamp: lock-on
Max. permissible torque: not specified
Color handle: black, blue, red, gray, graphite, olive green
Color of clamping ring: black

Weight according to the manufacturer: 90g
Weight weighed: 102g


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