Campagnolo – Hjulsæt – Bora Ultra WTO 45 Disc 2WF C23

Developed as the perfect weapon to help you push your limits on your road bike, the Campagnolo Bora WTO 45 Disc Road Wheelset is fast, lightweight, reactive and easy to handle.

Weight limit : 120kg ( Rider and Bike )

Weight : 1410g (Pair)


Designed to maximise performance on your road bike and achieve total balance, this wheelset features two unidirectional high-strength carbon fibre rims for a fantastic strength to weight ratio on your ride. Combining all the best of Campagnolo technology with its in-house carbon manufacturing, this model offers excellent stiffness and durability, while its impressively lightweight build ensures faster rolling, higher reactivity and superior handling. Coming equipped with disc brake compatibility, riders will enjoy powerful and consistent braking when both training and racing. Thanks to its 2-Way Fit and Aero Mo-Mag technologies as well as 360° improvements, it’s fully kitted out for the demands of modern road cycling.

Carbon Road Bike Wheelset with 2-Way Fit Technology

Whether you’re training or competing in an event, marginal gains make a huge difference. Campagnolo has kitted out this wheelset with 2-way Fit technology, which uses its exclusive rim profile to allow riders to fit both a tubeless tyre or a classic clincher. This flexibility means that you can personally test which of the solutions works best or simply use the clincher for training and the tubeless tyre for the day of the race. As a result, riders will enjoy tubeless benefits such as the ability to run lower pressures for increased grip, comfort and fewer chances of flats or punctures.

AFS Disc Brake Compatible and Aero Mo-Mag Technology

Engineered for the demands of modern road cycling, this wheelset features updated technologies relating to a completely revised manufacturing process for incomparable performance, look, resistance, dimensional precision and the ultimate tyre safe installation and functional matching. Giving riders full control over their performance, this model is equipped with AFS disc brake compatibility for powerful and consistent braking operation wherever their next ride takes them. Another highlight is its self-lock Aero Mo-Mag technology that provides perfect alignment between the spokes and nipples. This not only makes maintenance easier but also reduces stress and boosts longevity. Coming complete with high-quality CULT ceramic bearings and stunning Dark Copper Shaded graphics, the Campagnolo Bora WTO 45 Disc Road Wheelset is designed and researched for the perfect racing machine.

Additional Item Top Features:

Campy Profile: 2-way fit (tubeless with no tape)
Tyre Compatibility: Tubeless, tubeless-ready, clincher
Tyre Dimensions: From 23mm up to 33mm, aerodynamically optimised for 25mm
Hubs: Front: Carbon; Rear: Aluminium Alloy
Bearings: CULT ceramic
Spoke Type: Aero elliptical section, straight pull, 1.5 double butted
Spoke Count: 24
Spoke Pattern: G3 pattern
Nipples: Aluminium alloy, self-lock, internal, Aero Mo-Mag system
Braking System: Disc AFS
ASTM Category: 1
Discipline: Road aero/performance
Graphics: DCS (Dark, Copper Shaded)


2-Way Fit: 2-way Fit technology is the profile that makes it possible to fit both a tubeless tyre or a classic clincher. With 2-Way Fit, Campagnolo customers will be able to personally test which of the two solutions suits them best or use the clincher for training and the tubeless tyre for the day of the race. With no doubt, tubeless tyres are the future of road cycling. Apart from greater comfort, the advantages are many: using a tubeless tyre you can exploit the greater smoothness due to the absence of friction between the tyre and the tube. There are no risks of sudden deflation when a tubeless tyre is punctured, a great advantage in safety terms. The lack of tubes eliminates puncture risks. And what if the tubeless tyre has a puncture? The Campagnolo 2-Way Fit system allows you to use a traditional inner tube by simply removing the hermetic closure valve to ride home with no problem.

CULT Bearings: Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology (CULT) is the combination of the highest quality ceramic ball bearings and stainless-steel races available on the market, in other words, the technological excellence that makes Campagnolo brand products stand out. Ceramic ball bearings make it possible to reduce friction to the minimum and maintain consistent performance over time. Bearing races in stainless steel, with thermochemical surface treatment, make the sliding surface of the bearings on which the ceramic balls rotate, extremely hard and resistant to wear. This Campagnolo solution, covered by specific patents, reduces wheel and crankset friction to a minimum, thanks to two characteristics that only CULT technology offers: the lubrication system, just a film of oil instead of the usual grease, and a structure that is totally impervious to dirt, so much so that Campagnolo components using CULT technology have no need for dust protectors. The result? The smoothest, longest-lasting ball bearings on the market! Try them!

G3 Pattern: Campagnolo has developed an assembly architecture that, compared with a traditional wheel, makes it possible to improve energy transfer, reduce the stress on the spokes on the right and increase transverse rigidity. This is achieved because in G3 geometry the right-hand side of the rear wheel is fitted with twice as many spokes as the left. The results of G3 system are truly extraordinary: better transfer of the driving torque, better lateral rigidity, reduction of the stress in the rear wheel spokes. And thanks to the G3 system that compensates for the forces acting on the two sides of the wheel, there are no more wheel vibrations, even for heavier people.

Manufacturer’s Part Numbers:

CPW5220DA Brown Dark Copper Shaded 700c Shimano/SRAM
CPW5220D Brown Dark Copper Shaded 700c Campagnolo
CPW5220DB Brown Dark Copper Shaded 700c SRAM XD Sram XDR


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