VAR – Proff. Presse tool for Nav Lejer

VAR – Proff. Presse tool for Nav Lejer


Ref: RP-43700
In Stock
– to accurately align and press bearings into the hub shell or freewheel body with or without hub axle
– compatible with bearing sizes 12x21x5, 12x24x6, 12x28x8, 15x24x5, 15x28x7, 17x26x5, 17x30x7, 20x32x7, 25x37x7
– also fits bearings deeply seated into the hub or freewheel body
– thrust bearing ensures smooth rotation by preventing any friction between tool and bearings to be pressed
– hardened steel parts and machined anodized aluminum bushings
– ergonomic handle and magnetized back plate for easy and comfortable use


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