Selle Italia – WATT – 3D – Superflow – Ti316 Large

3D padding will be equipped with the so-called Double Layering technology: a double cushioning, where the first layer (pictured in blue) has softer rebound compared to the subsequent level (pictured in red) which provides more support. All of this with the aim to achieve a progressive absorption while seated.

The Watt 3D combines the aerodynamic efficiency and comfort of the traditional Watt saddle with the advanced technology of Carbon DLS™ technology. The 3D-printed, double-layered padding brings progressive cushioning zones for optimal comfort and support. Weighing only 256g, the lightweight design of the Watt 3D with its Superflow cut-out and carbon rails helps you ride to your best TT finish yet. The Watt 3D is the pinnacle of triathlon saddles, where bleeding-edge technology produces incredible output and efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Weight: 256 g (± 8%)
Dimensions: 133 x 255 mm
Rail: TI 316 Tube Ø7 mm
Intended use: Triathlon
Family: Watt
Nose Width: 50 mm


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