KMC – DLC11 – Celeste

EAN : 4715575881256

DLC Technology

Our Titanium-Carbon-Nitride coated chains have an extremely hard surface, reducing friction and wear. As a result, they offer excellent shifting performance and a smooth transmission. Our high-end pin is another feature to reach the best possible durability.

Size: 1/2″ X 11/128″”
Colour: Black/Celeste
Pin Length: 5.65 mm
Weight per 110 links: 227 g
Length: 118 Links

  • Compatible with all 11-Speed derailleur systems
  • Diamond Like Coating
  • Perfect shifting thanks to Double X-Bridge
  • Slotted inner- and outer plates and hollow pins
  • Includes a MissingLink
  • Durability:



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